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Exhumed Contact Lens Breaks Open Cold Murder Case

Mon, 01/11/2016 - 12:33pm

Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter


How Contact Lenses Plucked From A Corpse Helped Close This Murder Case


Jan 10, 2016


How Contact Lenses Plucked From A Corpse Helped Close This Murder Case

A North Carolina murder case turned on contact lenses buried with a victim. A forensic scientist now reveals the gruesome methods he used to prove the evidence was real.

posted on Jan. 9, 2016, at 9:09 a.m.

Dan Vergano

BuzzFeed News Reporter


How Contact Lenses Plucked From A Corpse Helped Close This Murder Case

RoberttBallEH, January 10, 2016


January 2016

Buzzfeed article on Abaroa Murder Case

May 16, 2013

Dr. Charles Zwerling appears as a forensic expert in Ophthalmology to testify in the murder case of Raven Abaroa in Durham, North Carolina. This video clip is courtesy of WRAL TV and News





May 2013

Goldsboro Eye Clinic launches its new web site with new capabilities for patients to schedule their appointments, renew prescriptions and obtain critical information concerning their medical records. All these new web elements are in a secure HIPPA environment and meets the latest government requirements for meaningful use. 


July 2012

Goldsboro Eye Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of its new state of the art VEP machine. The Visual Evoked Potential machine is designed to help diagnosis problems in the optical neural pathway from the eye to the brain. These electrical impulses can alert us to early diagnosis of amblyopia, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and other optical neurological diseases.


June 13, 2011

Goldsboro Eye Clinic is pleased to offer our patients the state of the art EMR or Electronic Medical Records (also known as EHR electronic Health Records). This advanced system allows our clinic to communicate directly with pharmacies, nursing homes, other physician offices and area hospitals. Your secured records can be transmitted immediately and avoid problems with communication of your medical problems. Goldsboro Eye Clinic is only the third eye clinic in Eastern North Carolina that is actively operates the Medflow system which was is also used by Duke Eye Center.


June 11, 2011

The American Academy of Micropigmentation is honored to announce the publication of the new textbook, Micropigmentation: Millennieum written by Charles S. Zwerling, MD a board certified ophthalmologist and medical director of Goldsboro Eye Clinic. Dr. Zwerling is considered a foremost world authority in the field of micropigmentation or permanent make-up. The 510 page textbook covers all aspects of micropigmentation and is available to practitioners and researchers at


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Abaroa Video
Charles Zwerling, MD The Chairman and Founder of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, is honored at the recent XPO 2011 in Orlando, Florida where he officially launched his new textbook, Micropigmentation Millenniuem. Dr Zwerling is pictured on the right with Dr. Linda Dixon, Presdient of the AAM and Ms. Debra Rasberry, recipient of the AAM President Award